To buy or not to buy coffee

I'm so sick of having the following fight with myself every single morning. 

Kiersten: Oof, I need coffee

Kiersten: Yea, let's go make some in the kitchen

Kiersten: No. I need good coffee

Kiersten: But it's fine coffee

Kiersten: Fine is not good

Kiersten: But did you see your last credit card statement?

Kiersten: Yes, but

Kiersten: No buts

Kiersten: but, but, but, but, but..hehe

Kiersten: Wow. 

Kiersten: I like the lattes! 

Kiersten: Just pretend that this is a latte!

Kiersten: . . . 

Kiersten: You're right, that was dumb. But if you buy coffee today you can't buy it tomorrow

Kiersten: Fine. I'll agree to that for now

Kiersten: You can't wake up tomorrow and pretend to forget

Kiersten: Forget what? 

Kiersten: Forget that you promised not to buy coffee!

Kiersten: What?

Kiersten: Oh boy

Kiersten: Look, If I have a really good coffee in the morning, I only need one. And it makes me so happy and I arrive at work and I'm ready to go, and I usually still have some coffee to sip as I read through my morning emails. So stop making me feel bad about myself. IT'S PERFECT

Kiersten: Is it really that important to you? $5 every day? That's $25 a week, $100 a month! 

Kiersten: Well when you put it like that, it's sad

Kiersten: I'm not putting it like that, that's just what it is! It IS that!

Kiersten: But if you think about it as a small indulgence that makes me a happy human being? 

Kiersten: You can be happy without coffee. 

Kiersten: No. No, I don't believe I can.

Kiersten: I have faith in you!

Kiersten: I am getting the coffee.

Kiersten: You are impossible

Kiersten: Suck it. 


Every morning. 

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